Grey Wine



This story is “faith” themed, a lot of young readers shy from anything overly spiritual. Deep down we are spiritual beings and we just want to know where things may have gone wrong, maybe there is even something redeemable about everyone. Ipade is a clergy’s child, he discovers sex, it’s really fascinating. The story starts from a brothel with Kemi, she is attracted to the innocence of the young boy who sneaks out of a night vigil. Ipade grows more restless as he desires much more than he could get from Kemi, he joins a cult group and progressively becomes a tyrant. There is a political war going on and Ipade’s group kills someone, the mess overboils.

It’s an attempt to explore the things that happen at puberty; funny dreams, rebellion, sex, wrong affiliations, mentorship, and the choices open to you. In the end, we all have to face the consequence of our choices and it may not play out the way Ipade’s story does. Seeds most times germinate with fruits.